Japanese Style Design, Razor-Sharp, Built To Last

Tired of those dull kitchen knives? Our unique Japanese inspired knife combines traditional forging techniques with modern manufacturing.

Made from premium Martensitic stainless steel and featuring an oak handle, it keeps its edge razor-sharp for longer than contemporary knives. And it offers you an excellent ergonomic grip, so you can cut meat, vegetables, and fruits precisely and quickly without any effort.

It’s called the Huusk knife, and it’s now available in your country

Meet The Huusk

The Huusk is the world’s first affordable knife for both home and professional use. This knife has been inspired by master blacksmiths in Date City in Japan. Based on methods that date back to the Kamakura period (year 1300), the Huusk knife is shaped to be as ergonomic as possible, giving extra grip and preventing it from slipping. It gives you the ultimate control in the kitchen.

Ergonomic shape
High-carbon steel
Ultra-sharp edge
Over 1000 layers

Traditionally made

Huusk knives are inspired by master blacksmiths out of a passion for the art of cooking. They use their knowledge of making the katana to create the perfect kitchen tool. Just like with the katana, the steel is folded over 10 times, creating more than one thousand layers! This process pushes out any impurities in the metal and strengthens the blade. The steel used is high in carbon which allows the blade to hold an edge longer instead of going dull.

Huusk Features

Huusk is the first and only brand that offers a Japanese style knife while staying affordable. The unique design and high-quality steel stay sharp while other knives lose their edge.


Inspired by Japanese Traditional Design from third-generation master blacksmith Sato Munemoto

Ergonomic design

Its ergonomic oak handle lets you put even pressure on all parts of the blade

High-carbon steel

Made with the same steel as the katana, stays sharp, doesn’t chip or break


Carefully placed hammer marks on the sides to make sure nothing sticks to the blade.

Japanese Inspired Design

Unique Japanese style knife combines traditional forging techniques with modern manufacturing

Folded 10 times

The folding creates over 1000 layers that strengthen the blade and push out impurities

Get the Huusk Knife for $29,95 instead of $59,90

We are offering a 50% discount to the first 5,000 customers

TIP: Right now, you can grab a leather protection sheath and a Japanese whetstone knife sharpener to complete your knife set!

Customer Reviews

Don’t take our word for it. See what our customers are saying about Huusk knife. Many people from all over the world are already using the Huusk knife in their kitchen or outdoors.


Love it! It’s very strong, sturdy, durable and sharp. It cuts through meat and bone without any problem. The handle is comfortable to use and the hole in the blade gives good leverage while cutting. The knife is really beautifully designed. It looks great. I am really impressed with this knife.


This knife is great! It does as advertised, and the finger hole is really handy. It appears to be genuinely hand-made and so far, it’s still sharp. Overall, I recommend this knife to anyone who wants a good kitchen knife.


This knife arrived very quickly to my front door. It comes packaged in a nice black presentation/gift-worthy box. Inside the box, you’ll find the knife in a nice leather sheet. I do not know if it’s also hand-made, but I think it is. I ordered two to see if the knife was actually hand-made and it absolutely is! All the dimples were different and hand-hammered. The craftsmanship is excellent! Personally, I think this is a great quality knife. 10/10


I love this knife! The quality is very good and it even comes with a carrying case that can be clipped to a belt around the waist. We go hiking/camping a lot, and this would be very convenient to take on the go. The blade steel is very sturdy and sharp, and I like the textured design of the blade. It’s also curved at an angle that makes it comfortable to chop and cut things. The knife works amazingly well and cuts through pretty much anything. The handle is made of wood and also feels sturdy.


Purchased this knife for my mother as a gift. Like most moms, she cooks quite a bit and I wanted to get her a nice knife for the kitchen but didn’t feel like paying an arm & leg for it so this deal was well worth it. She took it out to try it and indeed this thing is SHARP. Can’t speak to the durability yet, but the knife is nicely balanced and feels very premium with the Japanese steel layers and hammered blade. Looks like it should cost a lot more than it does, and it’s definitely a show-off knife. She loves the knife, so that’s a five-star rating in my book.


It’s a great knife, my favorite so far. It’s thick and heavy like my German knives but has an edge like my Japanese knives. It’s exactly what I’ve been wanting. Keep in mind, because it’s heavy, it could be a problem – it’s not a big problem for me in particular, but I like that I’m not ruining the sharp tip just by looking at it like I do with my other knives. It’s durable and well-made!


I’ve always loved cooking, but the knives I bought at local markets are not what I really wanted until a friend told me about this knife. I didn’t think cutting could be so easy. Meat slicing hurts my hands, but the grip of this knife eased the pain. It helped me in cooking more efficiently! I love it!


Knife arrived super quick. High-quality heavy-duty knife. Well worth it. I’ve been using supermarket kitchen knives for many years. This knife blows them away by far. Super impressed by the quality and craftsmanship. I will probably buy another one of these. Highly recommend this knife.


Knife was very sharp out of the box. Ergonomics are great! The handle is comfortable, and the knife is well-balanced. I bought this to use as a daily-use knife; so far, I am very happy with it.